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  1. Lose Control


жанры: drum and bass, dubstep, brostep, dnb
Это интересно: Karl Thomas and Jay Burns have been writing music together in one form or another since 1998, whether it was in their previous band that included Pendulum members Ansenic & Speed or experimentation with electronic music. It wasn’t until the sounds of artists such as Bad Company and Konflict caught their ear that they ventured into Drum and Bass.It was in 2004 when ‘Silverscreen’ tore the roof at a Pendulum gig that they knew they were on to something special. By the end of the year DJ Friction had picked up the tune and its flip ‘Dropping Science’, released on Shogun Audio in early 2005. Andy C, Fresh, Ed Rush & Optical, Zinc, Pendulum and Hype subsequently lined up behind... продолжение

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2013 год
  1. Universus
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